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I teach beginner harp lessons to all ages! Lessons are preferred to be taught in person in Denton, but online lessons are available for those who live farther away in places without harp teachers. My current rate is $35/hour which will be about $20 for a standard thirty-minute lesson or $28 for a 45-minute lesson. The first lesson is free and I will guide you through purchasing or renting a harp if you don't have one yet.

My hope is to get Suzuki certified within the next year!

Composition Lessons

I can also teach composition lessons! This is a new venture, but it would work similarly to harp lessons. If a student is interested in composing and wants to try it out, I can help, but I can also guide composers working toward competitions. At UNT we learn how to write for any instrument so there is no need for the student to already play harp or piano.

What would composition lessons look like?

Like at UNT, the composer and teacher will meet to look at their works and edit to improve the composition. Instead of practicing between lessons, the composer will write music. There will also be aspects such as music theory and listening assignments. 

Students can meet just as easily in Denton (or a closeby town) or online. 

Like with the harp lessons, the first lesson is free!


Denton, Texas


(432) 288-5000




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